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Which Breast Enhancement Technique Is Right for Me?

Which Breast Enhancement Technique Is Right for Me?

Have you noticed changes in your breasts as you age? Or maybe you’ve never been satisfied with your cup size. If you want to restore perkiness to drooping breasts or add volume to a smaller chest, a breast enhancement treatment can help. 

Many women turn to procedures like a breast lift or breast augmentation to reshape their bosoms. You may wonder, however, about your options and which enhancement procedure is best suited for your needs. 

Fortunately, at Brooks Plastic Surgery, Christopher Brooks, MD, has years of experience recommending the right enhancement treatment to women at his Hollywood, Florida office. Dr. Brooks evaluates your shape and your goals, and he helps you determine if a breast lift or augmentation is the best choice for you. 

For personalized help, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brooks. In the meantime, we’ve put together this helpful guide to give you everything you need to know about breast lifts, breast augmentation, and picking the right one for ideal results. 

What you need to know about breast lifts

Medically known as a mastopexy, this surgical procedure raises and reshapes sagging breasts. Dr. Brooks removes excess skin during the surgery to tighten the surrounding tissues. Your nipple is repositioned to a forward-facing position, giving your breasts an even perkier appearance.  

After a breast lift, you’ll need to take about a week off work and other activities to recover. Some soreness can be expected at the beginning, but Dr. Brooks makes sure you stay as comfortable as possible with medications and other therapies. 

What you need to know about breast augmentation 

Breast augmentation increases your cup size by surgically placing silicone or saline implants inside your breasts. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves both types of implants as safe for use. 

Both silicone and saline implants last about 10-15 years. Both types of implants can restore perkiness to your breasts while adding cup sizes and improving fullness and shape. However, each type of implant comes with pluses and minuses. Here’s a closer look: 

Silicone implants are made from a shell that is pre-filled with silicone gel. These implants come in different shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect match for your goals. 

Silicone implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue, but the gel can cause problems if the implant leaks. The FDA recommends screening your breast implants every three to five years to protect your health.  

Saline implants are made from a silicone shell and filled with saline solution (sterile salt water) once Dr. Brooks places them in your breast. For this reason, saline implants require a smaller incision and leave a smaller scar. They’re more likely to wrinkle or crease than silicone implants, but they don’t pose any health concerns if a rupture occurs. 

Picking the right breast enhancement procedure

Deciding between a breast lift or breast augmentation depends on your aesthetic goals. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Brooks is the primary way to figure out which treatment is better for you based on your goals and medical needs. 

The right option for you might be different depending on the factors driving you to change your breasts. Even though aging can have a drooping effect on your breasts, so can pregnancy and weight loss. Many women choose a breast lift to address problems with sagging breasts. 

It’s key to remember that the main difference between a breast lift and breast augmentation is that your cup size increases with an augmentation. If your goal is perkier breasts without increasing your bust size, a breast lift might be the better option for you. 

If you aren’t sure that a lift is enough, consider these reasons for getting breast augmentation:

No matter what makes you unhappy with your breasts, the choice is yours on how to match them to your expectations. Dr. Brooks and his team are happy to help you take the next step to self-confidence with your breasts. 

If you want to learn more about your options for breast enhancement, we’re here for you! Schedule an appointment online, or give us a call at Brooks Plastic Surgery in Hollywood, Florida, today.

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