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Pediatric Plastic Surgery


While to many the idea of children having plastic surgery may seem odd, it is actually a vital component to the advanced care of the pediatric patient. Whether your child has an unusual head shape, a cleft lip and/or palate, an atypical brown spot or a traumatic injury, Dr. Brooks’ advanced fellowship training at the University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia gives him the expertise to care for your child’s plastic surgery and craniofacial needs.

Dr. Brooks approach to your family will be warm and personal. He will spend the necessary time with you to understand your family’s needs and concerns. You will leave your consultation with all of your questions answered and the opportunity to call when new questions occur to you. Dr. Brooks’ families frequently comment that he treats them more like friends than patients.

Come see how Dr. Brooks can make your feel comfortable about your pediatric plastic surgical care.



Craniosynostosis is a disorder where the sutures or seams in an infants skull fuse prematurely. This leads to an abnormal head shape and, in some children, an increase in the pressure inside the skull due to a reduced amount of room for the growing brain. In a small percentage of affected children, this can cause delays in learning and development.

Fortunately, Dr. Brooks and his team can release the sutures and remodel the skull to allow ample room for brain development and a normal head shape and appearance. In some instances, the correction can even be done via an endoscopic approach which leads to smaller scars and a more rapid recovery.

The care of children (and adults) with craniosynostosis occurs in a team setting due to the complexity of these problems. Dr. Brooks is a member of two such teams in Florida which will allow you to be cared for by a team closer to your home.

Contact Dr. Brooks today so he can guide you through the complex care of the patient with craniosynostosis.


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