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Male Breast Reduction


Many men will suffer unwanted breast enlargement for a number of reasons. It is quite common in teenagers as well as in those of a more advanced age. It can be the result of medications, drugs or alcohol, or just changes in the hormonal milieu. Fortunately, this problem can be corrected with a minimal amount of scarring.

In this procedure, a special type of liposuction cannula is introduced into the breast tissue via a small incision near the armpit. Using this technique, the abnormal breast tissue and fat is removed. Sometimes, there remains a small button of breast tissue which can either be removed via that same incision, or occasionally through an incision beneath the areola. A few men, those with a large amount of excess skin, may also require a secondary surgery at a later date to complete the correction. Overall, the procedure is easily tolerated and the results are superb.

If you are a man concerned about unwanted breast tissue, contact Dr. Brooks today to start feeling better about your appearance with this revolutionary procedure.


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