What Exactly Is CoolSculpting and What Can It Do For Me?

You may or may not have heard of CoolSculpting, the popular non-invasive fat reduction technique that can help you visibly reduce your unwanted and unsightly fat. The technique, devised by a partnership between Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, uses cooling technology to eliminate fat cells.

With no surgery and little to no recovery time needed after a treatment session, could this be the cosmetic fat reduction treatment the world has been waiting for? At Brooks Plastic Surgery, our experienced medical team is pleased to be experienced in CoolSculpting to help you achieve the body you’ve been dreaming of. Read below for more information about the new treatment and what it could do for you.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Many people try to beat the bulge but no matter how many strict diets they try or the numerous hardcore fitness regimes, a stubborn layer of fat seems to remain or their body regardless. To understand how CoolSculpting works, it’s about understanding the science. It might seem like magic but fat cells actually freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding temperatures. This makes CoolSculpting the perfect ode to stubborn fat, by specifically targeting cells beneath the skin and freezing them at a cool enough temperature to cause them to die naturally, a process now known as cryolipolysis.

Did you know your fat cells crystallize faster than normal cells? The natural process helps to protect the body making sure there is no damage to your nerves, surrounding organs and tissues or your skin. Once treated, your fat cells begin to shrink and die.  Your own metabolism, no matter how sluggish it seems, can easily break down your fat cells once they’ve been cooled. This is actually how people achieve a more toned and sculpted physique over time.

The speed and intensity of the CoolSculpting treatment is able to target fat cells at a far higher ratio than can be achieved through natural methods, which is why the improvements are clearly visible after just one CoolSculpting session.

CoolSculpting: The Benefits

The benefits of CoolSculpting aren’t just cosmetic, with the true reduction in your fat cells, you won’t be piling on the pounds again anytime soon, which is something many have come to expect when they begin to pay less attention to their diet or exercise routines. With CoolSculpting you banish your fat for good! And with the process being so minimally invasive, you have to wonder long it will be before people are choosing this method over more traditional fat reduction surgeries.

With each session the number of fat cells you need targeted will decrease – on average most clients see a reduction of about 20%. But unlike other fat reducing treatments, with each CoolSculpting treatment, your body becomes more sculpted. The treatment itself lasts around an hour and most patients do not find it uncomfortable, at most some report a dull pressure and an initial blast of cold air.

Here at Brooks, we were skeptical at first, how could this truly be a pain-free procedure? But given that some clients happily work and even go to sleep during their sessions, it looks like this might finally be the fat reduction treatment that really does do what it promises without having to undergo surgery!

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