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Upper vs. Lower Blepharoplasty: Which Type of Eyelid Surgery Is Right for Me?

Upper vs. Lower Blepharoplasty: Which Type of Eyelid Surgery Is Right for Me?

Under-eye bags, saggy upper eyelids, dark circles under your eyes… These common age-related skin conditions can make you look older than your years. Sagging upper lids can even affect your field of vision! 

Fortunately, effective treatments exist to rejuvenate your appearance and improve any vision changes caused by sagging upper eyelids. At Brooks Plastic Surgery in Hollywood, Florida, board-certified surgeon, Christopher Brooks, MD, our ultimate treatment for eyelid issues is blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery

Dr. Brooks can perform this procedure on your upper or lower eyelids—or both, if needed. The surgery involves removing excess skin, fat, and other tissues that surround the eye to lift and tighten loose eyelid structures. The surgery is very safe, with only minimal risks, and most patients have no visible scarring. 

One of the most common questions our patients ask Dr. Brooks is whether they need an upper or lower blepharoplasty. Keep reading to find out. 

Upper eyelid surgery

Dr. Brooks performs an upper eyelid blepharoplasty to stop the drooping skin of your upper eyelids. As you age, the skin around your eyes loses its firmness and structure, causing fatty deposits to accumulate. The skin can also wrinkle and bunch.

Droopy upper eyelids affect your appearance, causing you to look tired or angry. An upper blepharoplasty leaves you with tighter lids, helping your eyes look brighter and refreshed. 

During the procedure, Dr. Brooks makes incisions on the natural creases of your upper lids. This means you won’t have visible scarring. He then removes any excess skin contributing to your droopy lids or obstructed vision. 

In some cases, he may also reposition the muscles. The remaining skin is lifted and reattached, giving you tighter, more youthful eyelids. If you’re frustrated by saggy upper lids, talk to Dr. Brooks about whether upper eyelid surgery is the right choice for you.  

Lower eyelid surgery

Dr. Brooks performs a lower eyelid blepharoplasty to correct under-eye bags, fine lines, and puffiness under your eyes. With older eyes, the skin of your lower lids often becomes finely wrinkled, looser, and further from your eyes. 

This can result in a longer lower eyelid and a hollow under-eye area. In addition, the thinner skin can create an appearance of a shadow and dark circles under your eyes. The fat beneath your eyes can also move forward, leaving you with puffy under-eye bags. 

Lower eyelid surgery corrects these issues. Dr. Brooks makes an incision below the lower lashes in a discreet spot that won’t leave noticeable scars. He removes excess fat, skin, and muscle, if needed. 

Sometimes Dr. Brooks redistributes the fat to create more even volume and reduce puffiness. Other times, patients have a small fat transfer to help restore lost volume and help your under-eye area blend with your cheeks. 

The skin is then reattached, and the incision closed. Because you have natural creases under your lower eyelid, the incision line blends in as you heal.    

Combining upper and lower blepharoplasty

In some cases, a combination of an upper and lower blepharoplasty is the right treatment to address the appearance of the skin around the eyes. This allows you to have the best aesthetic results with a single recovery. 

The best way to learn whether upper, lower, or combined eyelid surgery is right for you is by scheduling a consultation at Brooks Plastic Surgery in Hollywood, Florida. Call today to learn more!

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