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Take 10 Years Off Your Appearance With This Treatment

Take 10 Years Off Your Appearance With This Treatment

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to put up with the visible signs of aging. If you want to reverse the fine lines and sagging skin, consider a facelift, a tried and true anti-aging treatment that delivers results that last.

At Brooks Plastic Surgery, our board-certified surgeon Dr. Christopher Brooks helps men and women in Hollywood, Florida, get natural-looking results—without fear of coming out with “too tight” skin. 

Dr. Brooks uses minimally invasive techniques to take years off your face and help you feel more confident in your skin. Take a moment to find out more about what a facelift involves and how it can help you get the youthful, fresh face you’ve missed. 

All about facelifts

You might not realize that the term “facelift” doesn’t refer to one procedure. Instead, facelifts are actually a group of procedures that use similar methods to “lift” the skin, reducing wrinkles and tightening sagging areas. 

At Brooks Plastic Surgery, we practice two types of facelifts: mini and standard. Dr. Brooks works with you to determine the appropriate facelift type for your unique skin type and aesthetic goals. 

A mini or “skin-only” facelift is less invasive than a standard facelift, so you’ll have less recovery to expect. 

This type of facelift is best for people whose skin holds some resiliency.That’s because though your skin is lifted and tighter after the procedure, it doesn’t address the muscular issues below your skin. 

A standard or “full” facelift works best to address those with deep lines or whose skin doesn’t have much resiliency. 

With standard facelift, Dr. Brooks lifts not only your skin but also the deeper superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) layer. This means your full middle and lower face are lifted and tightened.

How a facelift turns back the hands of time

You’re probably wondering how a facelift can take 10 years off your face. Here’s a look at the procedure for a facelift and why the results are so great. 

Your preparation for the procedure starts with detailed pre-op guidelines given to you by the team at Brooks Plastic Surgery. Once you arrive and are prepared for surgery, you’ll receive anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the procedure. 

To perfect the lift, Dr. Brooks marks your face with guidelines, then starts the procedure with incisions. Undergoing a full facelift? Your incision may extend from your hairline to your temple, ears, and toward your lower scalp. 

Once the incision is complete, Dr. Brooks lifts your skin off the muscle and connective tissue so he can reposition them. These foundational tissues provide a base for your skin, and repositioning them helps create a more youthful appearance. 

Dr. Brooks may redistribute fat during your facelift. This helps plump up some areas or thin out others to bring back a youthful look. Once this is finished, Dr. Brooks pulls the skin over the foundational tissues and removes excess or sagging skin to complete the look. 

Many of our patients get a neck lift at the same time as their facelift. If this is you, you’ll get an additional incision under your chin so Dr. Brooks can perform the neck lift as well. 

If you’re getting a mini facelift, only the skin in your temple area is lifted and repositioned. A mini lift improves the look of the skin around your eyes and cheeks, giving you a youthful look without repositioning the underlying tissues.

After all the repositioning, Dr. Brooks closes the incisions with dissolvable sutures or skin glue. You’ll rest in the recovery area after your procedure until we send you home for your full recovery. 

What to expect after the procedure

After your facelift, don’t be surprised to experience soreness and some swelling for the first few days. You’ll also likely see some bruising in the treatment area. 

Your recovery won’t be long, however, as long as you follow the postoperative advice the teams at Brooks Plastic Surgery give you. Most patients are almost fully healed after just two weeks, with many saying they feel ready to venture out after seven days.

If you’re interested in getting a facelift, we’re here to help. Talking with a compassionate medical provider like Dr. Brooks is important to understand your options and answer any questions you may have about the procedure. 

To find out more about facelifts, we’re just a call or click away. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online at Brooks Plastic Surgery in Hollywood, Florida, today.

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