Does Microblading Hurt?

Does Microblading Hurt?

If your makeup drawer is full of brow pencils and shading supplies, you’re probably ready for fuller, more-defined brows that won’t fade away after a day at the office, a trip to the gym, or time at the pool or beach. 

At Brooks Plastic Surgery in Hollywood, Florida, we have the brow solution you’ve been seeking – semi-permanent microblading. Board-certified surgeon Christopher Brooks, MD, and our team use this amazing treatment to add definition and color to your brows — with results that last for one to three years.

We know many of our patients worry microblading causes pain. Our team wants to put your nerves at ease by explaining the microblading process and whether this treatment hurts. Keep reading to learn if microblading is the cosmetic solution for your thin or light brows.

What is microblading?

Microblading is an aesthetic treatment that adds semi-permanent pigment in your eyebrow area using a specialized tool. It works like semi-permanent tattooing, but the tool uses 12-15 ultra-thin needles instead of one. These create strokes of pigment that resemble natural eyebrow hairs.

The treatment is safe and effective when administered by trained and experienced professionals, like Dr. Brooks and his team. This is because microblading requires sterile conditions to prevent infections. For this reason, if you have certain skin conditions, like eczema or rosacea, you may not be a good candidate.

How does a microblading session work?

Before your microblading session begins, your Brooks Plastic Surgery provider evaluates your bone structure, eyebrow shape, and brow fullness. This ensures your results look natural. 

Your provider then marks the placement of your microblading treatment on your skin. You can review the marks to make sure you like the placement. Once this stage is complete, your provider creates individual pigment strokes using the microblading tool.

The entire process takes roughly one to two hours. When your microblading treatment is finished, we provide you with detailed aftercare instructions. At the end of your procedure, you’ll have no-hassle brows every day for one to three years

Is microblading painful?

Because of the word blade, many people thinking about microblading worry the procedure will hurt. In truth, the treatment feels less painful than getting a regular tattoo, but you may experience some mild discomfort. People describe the microblading sensation as a little more painful than waxing or plucking your brows. 

Keep in mind the pigment doesn’t go as deep as pigment placed during regular tattooing. This is good news because the deeper pigment goes, the more painful the experience. With microblading, the pigment is placed deep enough to create a semi-permanent tattoo, but not so deep that it’s painful or permanent. 

At Brooks Plastic Surgery, we use a topical numbing cream to keep you comfortable. Most of our patients tell us the procedure is relatively pain-free. We can also apply a second coat, if needed. 

This numbing cream means you’ll feel some pressure from the tool, but not pain. Some clients tell us the process feels like mild scratching. Others report mild irritation. You can lessen the irritation and discomfort you might experience by:

If you’re extremely worried about pain, you can also talk to Dr. Brooks about medication to help you relax during the procedure. 

What happens after microblading?

When your treatment is finished, you’re free to leave with beautiful, well-defined brows that won’t smudge or bleed. Results are noticeable immediately after microblading, but it takes several days for your skin to fully heal. At that time, you’ll enjoy maximum results. 

Your fuller, more-defined brows last one to three years. How long you keep results depends on your skin and different lifestyle factors. 

Limiting sun exposure and using sunscreen on your eyebrows every day helps extend your results. You can even get touch-ups once or twice a year if needed to keep your brows looking fresh.

To learn more about microblading or to get started with fuller, more-defined brows, schedule a consultation by calling Brooks Plastic Surgery in Hollywood, Florida.

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