A Breakdown On Reconstructive Surgery

With the American Society of Plastic Surgeons now estimating that 1 million procedures are being performed each year, it’s worth knowing about the different options available and what they can do to help you and those you know change their bodies and their lives.

The Different Types Of Reconstructive Surgery

Hand and Foot Surgeries: These procedures cover a vast number of different surgeries to alleviate ongoing problems, remove cancers and anomalies such as webbed extremities or extra digits, helping to improve function and physical appearance. Reconstructive surgery is now also being used to treat repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel.

Flap/Microsurgeries: This kind of procedure is used to replace and reform parts of the body affected by injury and disease and is often used on cancer patients.

Wound Care: One of the areas reconstructive surgery has excelled in is wound care, using skin and other fibrous grafts for patients who have suffered severe burns, cuts or sores following an injury or accident.

Facial Surgeries: Procedures performed to correct facial deformities, such as cleft lip or palate. Reconstruction following trauma or even to correct breathing and sinus issues such as snoring and persistent infections.

Breast Reduction Or Reconstruction: Perhaps the most-well known type of reconstructive surgery available today, offering a new lease on life for women following breast cancer and a mastectomy. A similar reconstruction of the chest wall is also available for men. Both men and women sometimes undergo a breast reduction if they’re experiencing chronic back pain or other health issues related to their breast size.

Getting An Evaluation For Reconstructive Surgery

Each surgery is different and each person has their own unique story and reason for wanting to undergo reconstructive surgery. The standard assessment a plastic surgeon does involves taking a full medical history and often an examination for them to get a clearer picture before making any recommendations.

After this, your surgeon will be able to advise on the best course of action and the expected outcome of the surgery should you wish to go through with it. Your medical history and current health play a big part in determining your options and your surgeon is there to help you understand the process while working to get as close as possible to the look you hope to achieve.

Insurance and Reconstructive Surgeries

Thanks to advancements in plastics over the years, society has come to recognize the value and importance of reconstructive surgery. This has led many insurance providers to cover reconstructive surgeries. If you’re experiencing an issue and you want your insurer to consider your case, be sure to have your surgeon and any other relevant doctors write to them formally showcasing details of your case to influence their decision.

Reconstructive surgery is now more accessible than ever and plays a vital role in the positive mental health and wellbeing of patients who’ve fought disease or recovered from an injury or accident and these procedures are often an important part of their rehabilitation, restoring both a sense of hope and normality.

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